Monday, August 17, 2015

 Hello! This is apparently what they call a blog. Seems like a strange place to pen ones thoughts but here goes.
 In a weeks time, I will be on a plane with a bunch of other girls who are all headed on the same adventure. Destination: The Mysterious East aka China.
 Though it seems at times that I was shanghaied into this (puns fully intended here) by one of my dear friends Rachel (she bugged me about it multiple times without peaking my interest and then one night she brought it up and a fire was lit inside me) this was my choice. I wanted adventure. I would do anything to get it.
 So, I started going through the application process for ILP. It went surprisingly smooth considering my late application. Everything fell into place. I was able to get accepted quickly, my passport was processed and I was able to get into the same group as my friend/captor for the same semester.

 God likes making things work when it's what He wants you to be doing.
 To say I am completely prepared for this great adventure would be an utter lie. I am not prepared for this at all. Sure I may have most of the items I need and I have most of my ducks in a row (still missing a few so if you see them please send them back, I miss my ducks) but I am not fully ready. How could I be? It is something completely new to me and though I can prepare in lots of ways I know I will still be that tacky American tourist who has her chin on the floor and her eyes looking like they are bulging out of her head. Despite having the same feeling as that dream when you're naked in a public place, I am really excited for the next four months.
 It will be an experience that will serve many purposes. I will be changed in many unknown ways, I will have fantastic memories with great people and scenery, and I will forever have something way better than you to talk about if I wanted to.
 So, "No shilly shallying, no dilly dallying, I'm off to China NOW!"

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